Where is your path heading?

Here we are, adults living our lives – though if you’re like me, you’re not living the life you envisioned years ago. Where has your path diverged from what you expected when you were young?

Few of us will follow the exact path that we imagined in high school. It makes sense to adjust as we learn and grow, and to adapt to changing circumstances.

The only expectations I had for my adult life were that I would 1) make $30,000, and 2) marry, have two kids, and live in a house.

Those things happened. But I never had much of a vision for the essence of how my life would go. I figured that my education and skills would be valued and I could just be a productive member of society and get by on that. At a certain point I realized that I had to actually take control of the shape and texture of my life, and letting other people’s expectations determine the course wasn’t going to lead me to where I truly wanted to go.

What are your dreams? What contributions do you want to be remembered for?

The decisions you make now can help you find your new path.

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