Here are a few of the resources I used to put together a presentation on centering (also see my centering techiques post):

15 Powerful Centering Methods to Reduce Stress, Increase Focus, and Make Better Decisions
Includes section on how to center yourself, as well as discussion of centering from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

Calming Your Brain During Conflict
Conflict wreaks havoc on our brains. We are groomed by evolution to protect ourselves whenever we sense a threat. In our modern context, we don’t fight like a badger with a coyote, or run away like a rabbit from a fox. But our basic impulse to protect ourselves is automatic and unconscious.

How centered leaders achieve extraordinary results
 “Five capabilities are at the heart of centered leadership: finding meaning in work, converting emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity, leveraging connections and community, acting in the face of risk, and sustaining the energy that is the life force of change.”  

How to ‘Keep Your Head in the Game’
Centering is a practical skill that helps athletes stay focused on success, to avoid distractions, and to keep the negative self-talk from derailing a performance. It can help an athlete stay in the moment and let go of past and future thoughts, worries and plans.

Neuroscience Articles

“Amygdala Hijack and the Fight or Flight Response” by Arlin Cuncic:

YANSS 093 – The neuroscience of changing your mind” by David McRaney:

“Reduce Emotional Hijacking with Emotional Intelligence”:

“Calming Your Brain During Conflict” by Diane Musho Hamilton: