letting go

Anyone else feeling tired? I’ve noticed lately that I’m tired.

Which seems odd, given that we’re all just staying around the house. 
But even though my household isn’t directly affected by layoffs or loss of income, we are all in this space of uncertainty. There is a huge emotional load from trying to come to terms with this idea that we aren’t in control of the larger situation, and all we can do is take care of ourselves and our loved ones, while doing anything we can to help those in crisis right now. 

There have been a lot of posts on social media about taking this time to be creative; to write that novel or create that great artwork that’s inside of you. And it’s wonderful that some people are doing just that! But it’s also okay if you aren’t.  

It’s okay to just notice how you are feeling. Notice that you are here, now. Notice which things you can control and which things you can’t. Take deep breaths and look around you; noticing what you are grateful for can help when you are ready to shift into inspiration.