I always love to share resources that I find useful. Below are some of my favorite blogs, mindfulness resources, podcasts, and other resources. I will be adding more to the list periodically, so keep checking in!


I get Eric Barker’s newsletter, and I always find it compelling. Recently he wrote of reframing (here), where you set your expectations for things to go wrong to avoid that victim feeling of ‘nothing’s going right!’ and put you into resilience instead. Eric’s book “Barking up the Wrong Tree” is also highly recommended. 
Eric Barker: https://www.bakadesuyo.com/https://www.bakadesuyo.com/2020/04/pandemic-ritual/

Susan David, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, and proponent of evidenced-based psychology, has a podcast out now that explores how we deal with heightened emotions. Her book “Emotional Agility” addresses how to make everyday choices with more intention and insight.

Susan David https://www.ted.com/podcasts/checking-in  Emotional Agility quiz: http://quiz.susandavid.com/s3/eai

Brené Brown started a new podcast in 2020 (https://brenebrown.com/unlockingus/). Her work on vulnerability is well known to coaches, and is such a gift. Highly recommended. 

Brené Brown https://brenebrown.com/unlockingus/https://brenebrown.com/podcast/dr-marc-brackett-and-brene-on-permission-to-feel/

I took my beginning mindfulness classes from Insight LA. Currently (April 2020) all of their offerings are online.  Insight LA (mindfulness classes) https://insightla.org/  classes: https://insightla.org/programs/everyday-mindfulness/

A beautiful meditation I learned at Insight LA:  Lovingkindness Meditation http://www.barbaraalfors.com/loving-kindness-meditation/