Peter Rabbit

I often think about the power that stories have over us. I was reminded of a simple example the other day as I was planting baby corn seedlings in the backyard.

I was concerned that the rabbits in the yard might eat the tender leaves of the seedlings, but my mind immediately brought up the image of the farmer, Mr. McGregor, chasing Peter Rabbit out of the garden. And I thought, “I don’t want to be bad like Mr. McGregor! I won’t chase away the rabbits.”

If a simple children’s story has so much power to shape our thinking, decades later, imagine how powerful the stories of your own family are.

All families have their own stories; some more common, some more unique, that influence us throughout our lives. Being able to identify these stories leads you to being able to question them. Once you start questioning, you can start making your own conscious choices.

It’s been two days and only two leaves have been eaten. I’m hoping the bunnies don’t like corn.

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