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Hi from Colorado!


I’ve got a foot of snow in my new front yard in Denver. Quite a change from Los Angeles! We just bought a house after a year of test-driving the neighborhood, and so far we’re loving it.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on changes – more to come! (One big change; I’ve now got my ACC, which is the Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. Yay!)


What Can You Do?




  1. Judy Sabah

    Great post, great photo! So happy you live in my state!

  2. Hi Barbara,

    This is Perla, I have thought about you and wondered how you were and what you were doing! It is great to hear that you’re doing well and you look great. I love Colorado, it one of my favorite places and I have thought of retiring there.
    Happy holidays and New Year.
    I have very fond memories of our Bellydancing class, it was great fun. Take care

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