The Value of Exploration

“I’m interested in coaching, but I don’t know where to start!”  This is a common concern for people considering starting a coaching engagement.

Coaching is something that is hard to understand until you’ve experienced it, and I completely understand this concern that you have to have things figured out before starting. But don’t worry, that’s what the coaching process can support you with! 

The beauty of coaching is that the coaching process helps clarify your thoughts, so that you know where to start. It’s not always an easy or direct process, depending on what’s getting in your way and what blind spots you are ready to explore.  

If you give yourself enough space and openness (in a safe environment), you will know what’s in your heart, and where your blind spots might be. A good coach will give you that space to safely explore. Spending time to figure out what’s most important is a crucial first step to a new coaching engagement. And along the way there will probably be new discoveries about beliefs or thought patterns that are holding you back.

The beauty of coaching is that you don’t need to know where to start. Your coach will help you identify your goals, and any issues you want to tackle.  

If you would like to explore how to brighten your path, or are just curious about coaching,  contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery session.