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So what is coaching, anyway?

Where are you heading?

A coach is a bit like a personal trainer – someone to push you and keep you accountable.  But a coach isn’t setting the target; you are.  A typical coaching client has a problem they need help with.  Whether it’s a relationship conflict, a work issue, a career decision, or a personal matter, a coach can help the client navigate the problem.   A good coach will help you explore what might be holding you back from reaching your goal, and will challenge you along the way if you are having trouble stepping out of your comfort zone.

What coaching is: There are many kinds of coaching, but they all focus on you and the goals you want to reach.  If you are curious, I recommend booking a complimentary sample session!

What coaching can do: Coaching can help you reach a goal, resolve a problem, or identify the goal you want to reach.  Along the way you might find new perspectives and create life altering shifts.

What coaching isn’t: Coaching is not: therapy or counseling, mentoring or advice, or a quick and easy fix.

Coaching Sessions

I offer complimentary sample sessions so that you can get a feel for what coaching can do for you.

Contact me today to schedule your free sample session!


Doing Hard Things

Stormy Skies Aren't Scary, Right?

Stormy skies aren’t always scary, right?


I’ve been having trouble with procrastination lately.   I’m known as a highly responsible, never-let-anyone-down kind of person.  But I have a harder time keeping commitments to myself.

I was beating myself up about it, which of course is never helpful but then I realized – this is hard stuff!  It might not seem like it, because it’s all pretty ordinary – call people to let them know about my new business, work on my website – but these things represent a major shift for me.  I’ve realized that my usual approach to life wasn’t going to work for me anymore, and that knowledge created panic!

What if I show up (as my true self) and nobody likes me?

What if I put all this work into a new endeavor and I fail?

Well, my logical mind has rational answers for these questions, but the part of me who lives with those fears is never quite convinced.  What we all want is to be appreciated for who we are.  And that can be scary for a lot of us.

Pushing through this fear and showing up anyway is the only way to start shifting things into alignment.  And it’s okay if everyone doesn’t like you; the ones who will connect with you the deepest won’t even find you until you put yourself out there.

And failure (deep breaths) is okay.  This is a hard one for me.  I’ve been fortunate – or perhaps unfortunate? – to not have faced a lot of challenges in my life, so the idea that it’s okay to screw up is one that I’m still learning to appreciate.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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